I took the theme of "hi-key and low-key", and applied a secondary theme: bone. Something aesthetically pleasing to me is the way bone looks when you bleach it perfectly white or char it completely black. I wanted to showcase that alongside a charcoal-like texture, because I feel like the strong contrasts you can get with that medium are representative of both hi and low key. The concept of this frame is to capture the intrigue of bones - that they are believed to still hold the spirit that once inhabited them. This was also a chance to experiment with the new textured brushes in Photoshop CS6.

Below I have submitted two images that hopefully will cover the difference between viewing this on a mac or a pc, as the range of colors seems to be sensitive to different displays.
This next frame was created for the theme "video games." I chose to convey the classic Legend of Zelda games, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, in a style closer to the more recent Twilight Princess style. I used Cinema 4D, smoke brushes, an image of link and my own drawing to compose this image.
for the theme "Analogous."
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