Created as a collaborative project between the Motion Media Design department and the Accessory Design departments at the Savannah College of Art and Design in preparation for the 2013 Fashion Week.
In order to showcase some of the work created by some of SCAD's best Accessory Designers, four Motion Media Design majors teamed up to create this promotional spot. The goal of this spot was to create a short, stark, eye catching animation that would showcase various shoes, bags and accessories in preparation for the 2013 Fashion Week at SCAD.
We wanted to showcase this work in a very graphic way. The accessories themselves were so visually striking that we felt it important to use motion and sound to emphasize their punch. We wanted this project to not only be a demonstration of the accessories, but a visual communication about pattern, form, color and shape.
Accessory design is an extremely important and interesting piece of the world that is Fashion. As visual designers we appreciated the contrast and context they are able to lend to various articles of clothing. Our goal with this spot was to bring accessories to into the spotlight and demonstrate how they can be not only a tool to enhance fashion, but also indepented works of art.
Video created by:
Jay Keeree -
Lou Ward -
David Conklin
Supervised by Chair John Colette
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