Since a trip to New York, I have found myself deeply affected by homeles people. I got to thinking about the life of a homeless person and how they have to endure everything outside - the wind, cold, heat, snow, rain, etc... and used a bit of inspiration from a particularly awful night. I was stranded in the baggage claim of an airport due to my flight being canceled, and having no opportunities for a place to go for 12 hours. I sat in that cruddy baggage claim, so tired and uncomfortable (the airport was really nice, but this area itself looked like any other broken down bus stop.) I laid down on the floor to try to rest, with the cold floor against my back and the bottom of a gum-covered bench seat in my face. I started to contemplate the life of those who have to live like this every night. I imagine that they must have felt like they were exactly like those chewed up, dirty, hard wads of gum stuck to the metal bench. That eventually, they will give up and be unable to move, until someone came along and scraped them off, finally thrown in the trash.
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